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About Us

Why are we here?


It was started of a concept in mind to have the best available for mothers and babies. Today, this has grown to become a passion for the same belief.

As the business grows, the brands and product increases. These have differed from our beliefs. We had to realign and obsolete brands that weren’t beneficial for mothers. We also decided to go through a significant rebranding to better serve our valued customers, parents.

In 2019, we launch our first showroom and a whole new multi-brand store online. Chara (Hebrew: Joy), Amare (Latin: Love) Maternity, and Kidzo (Drawing inspiration from the word ‘Zō,’ meaning ‘Elephant’ in Japanese – elephants are specifically chosen as our mascot as their characteristics embody the values of our company – family first. These loving mammals tend to be very protective when it comes to their family and will not let harm get in the way of raising their calf! They also illustrate the positive traits of mothers – robust, gentle, and affectionate.)

With this multi-brand store, we will have a range from babies (Chara) to maternity (Amare) to Toys (Kidzo).

Every brand sold by us is carefully studied based on the background, design, reviews, benefits, achievements, and price point.

Apart from products, service is one of our mission to accomplish from time to time. We hope to tailor our service to suit all or most individuals. We believe that all parents have various perspective but one in at heart, the best for their child. We hope to be part of this tender process.

If you have shopped with us already, we hope that you had a pleasant one. If otherwise, please write to us. We will love to hear from you and improve to serve you better than yesterday.

With love,

Jemaine Lee