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Double Dribble Bibs - Pink starfish

Double Dribble Bibs - Pink starfish


  • 2 hidden wiping layers
  • Super-absorbent, baby-safe bamboo fabric
  • Reversible design and function
  • Adjustable, to suit babies from birth to 2 years
  • Bamboo fabric is hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly and has naturally antibacterial properties
  • Safety tested to the highest international standards.
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    Brand Bibado

    The Double Dribble bib gives you two extra toweling layers, hidden away beneath a first layer featuring a funky and unisex design. The neckerchief or bandana bib is bang on trend right now. And dribbling certainly never goes out of fashion.

    Its hard work being a parent. Anything that saves you time, money and hassle and which helps you keep your little one happy is invaluable. This neckerchief bib does all of that, by protecting and keeping clothes dry, by reducing the risk of rashes, and by cutting the number of bibs you need to wash and carry. And if it’s timesaving for one baby, imagine how much easier it makes life when you have more than one child, or twins or triplets trying to out-dribble each other!

    It’s even sustainably produced, a little peace of mind for the eco-conscious parent. The fabric is made from bamboo, a renewable, sustainable, fast-growing plant whose fibres create incredibly soft textiles. It’s even naturally hypo-allergenic, so you’re less likely to encounter skin reactions.

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